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Elaine Flynn as Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Choose From These Talks:

Scandals in the City

Alice Roosevelt Longworth presents "Scandals In The City": If the headlines of today's political scandals make you shake your head in disbelief, wait until you hear Alice "dish the dirt!"

First Ladies

Alice Roosevelt Longworth presents "First Ladies": "Who better than I to talk about the First Ladies? After all, my stepmother was a first lady and my cousin Eleanor was the longest serving first lady!"

Molly Banneky

Molly Banneky, Benjamin Banneker's grandmother, presents African American history in Washington, DC. Benjamin Banneker, an African American, surveyed the city of Washington. His grandmother gives a presentation of the places erected on that land.

A Tour of DC Without Leaving Your Seat

Elaine Flynn presents the city of Washington with pictures and commentary. You will never again look at the sights in the same way!