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Hemingway's Wives

Hemingways' wives, portrayed by Elaine Flynn

Of the thousands and thousands of words Hemingway wrote, his feelings about love can be best summed up in this letter he wrote to a friend: "So…you’re in love again. Well, it’s the only thing worth a damn to be. No matter how being in love comes out, it’s sure worth it all while it’s going on."

Elaine portrays Hemingway’s four wives. Hear them tell their stories about how it was to live with this man who changed literary history. Follow his career as the Hemingways move from Chicago, to Paris, to Key West, to Havana to Ketchum, Idaho. Learn about how the wives’ lives intersected with one another. Each wife gave Ernest what he needed during their time with him. Hadley, the Paris wife, gave him the sounding board he needed, Pauline introduced him to the rich set, Martha shared the excitement of being in a war zone and Mary offered the steadfastness which saw him through til the end of his life. Travel the world and learn about the adventures of the Hemingways in this one hour, one woman show.

A Chat with Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker was the wittiest woman of the 1920's. She held court at the Round Table at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC in the 1920's. Her accomplishments include: screenplay for A STAR IS BORN, short stories compared to Hemingway's, a best selling poetry book and columnist for Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and many other magazines. Come hear why she was considered a legend in her own time. "I love a martini. Two at the most. Three, I'm under the table. Four, I'm under the host!"

Scandals in the City

Alice Roosevelt Longworth presents "Scandals In The City": If the headlines of today's political scandals make you shake your head in disbelief, wait until you hear Alice "dish the dirt!"

Molly Banneky

Molly Banneky, Benjamin Banneker's grandmother, presents African American history in Washington, DC. Benjamin Banneker, an African American, surveyed the city of Washington. His grandmother gives a presentation of the places erected on that land.

A Tour of DC Without Leaving Your Seat

Elaine Flynn presents the city of Washington with pictures and commentary. You will never again look at the sights in the same way!

Elaine Flynn as Alice Roosevelt Longworth