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A Chat with Dorothy Parker

Dororthy Parker was the wittiest woman of the 1920’s. When Calvin Coolidge died she asked, “how can you tell?” She held court at the Round Table at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC and knew all the movers shakers of the time including Hemingway, Harpo Marx, Irving Berlin, the Fitzgeralds and Alfred Hitchcock. She and her husband wrote 15 screenplays including the Academy Award winning A Star is Born, the only husband and wife team to do so. Her short stories were compared to those of Hemingway’s.

Come learn about Dorothy’s escapades in New York, in Hollywood, and as she travels in Europe, spending time at a home which inspired F. Scott to write The Great Gadsby. Come listen to excerpts of her stories, magazine articles from Vanity Fair and The New Yorker and her poems including those from her best seller, Enough Rope. Once you get to know (or renew your acquaintance of) Dorothy Parker you will see why she was considered a legend in her own time. (audience members have the opportunity to participate by wearing flapper accessories that I bring if they so desire).


Scandals In the City

If the headlines of today’s political scandals make you shake your head in disbelief, wait until you hear Alice Roosevelt Longworth “dish the dirt” on scandals of yesteryear. Elaine Flynn portrays Alice, Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest daughter and the first celebrity (1884-1980). Elaine brings Alice to life as she presents SCANDALS IN THE CITY.

Alice is uniquely qualified to share stories as she was a witness to the goings on in Washington, DC for most of her 96 years. The words on her pillow attest to her love of gossiping. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.”

Alice starts with her own scandals. “If there is to be gossip said about me, I want to say it first!” She then continues relating the scandal that led to the death of a Congressman, President Harding and his mistresses, the love affairs involving Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, the person (other than Mamie) who REALLY liked Ike, the women linked to JFK, the Capitol Hill employee who couldn’t file, type or even answer the phone, the story of the Congressman, Fannie Foxe and the Tidal Basin and more.

Don’t miss Alice’s tales of her life in the White House, her marriage in the White House, her life with her husband, Speaker of the House, Nicholas Longworth, her life after Nicholas and all the stories in between.

Elaine hearing comments at the WNDC, after her First Ladies presentaion

Taking comments after a presentation at WNDC.


Molly Banneky: Benjamin Banneker's Grandmother

At long last, men and women who acted upon their beliefs of equality and justice for all, against all odds, are getting the recognition they so rightly deserve, adding to the landscape of the Washington Metro area." Molly Bannaky" , grandmother of Benjamin Banneker, presents an informative program about what has been built on the land Benjamin surveyed. Who are some of these brave, pioneering heroes and where can we discover the places dedicated to them? We will "visit" memorials to Benjamin Banneker, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks and Thurgood Marshall. We will hear about Booker T. Washington's dinner at the President's House with Theodore Roosevelt that shocked the nation. We will celebrate Frederick Douglass, born a slave, who taught himself to read and wound up advising four Presidents. How did they pave the way for the historic election and reelection of an African American to the position of President of the US? We will also go "off the beaten path" to discover some literary figures, educators and others who made their home here in DC.

Elaine Flynn as Molly Banneker


A Tour of Washington, DC
without leaving your seat

Using historical fact, scandal stories, anecdotes and even a few ghost stories, Elaine will make history come alive as you explore the landmarks of DC, with pictures including the Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans War Memorials, the Korean Veterans War Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Martin Luther King Memorial, the Smithsonian Mall and more.